Distinct Signs That You Need a New Roof

Have there been recent storms in your area?

If you look around and see that a few of your neighbors are getting new roofs after recent storms, it’s more than likely that you have damage to your roof as well. Talk to your neighbors and see if they had an Insurance adjuster come out to their home. If so, kindly ask your neighbor what kind of damage was done.

Storms damage roofs
Even though storms can be beautiful they can damage your roof.

Do you have cracked or missing shingles?

Most people ask if a few missing shingles or cracked shingles is really a problem. The answer is yes. If your shingles are cracked or missing then the underlayment is subject to the weather. This can lead to a leaky ceiling and interior damage as well.

If you have shingle granules in your gutters this could be a sign of cracked shingles. This also could be a sign of hail or wind damage as well. Have your insurance company come out and take a look at your home as soon as possible.

Do you have dark streaks or moss on your roof?

If you have moss, you will need to get it replaced quickly. Moss can greatly damage the integrity of your roof. Moss is most commonly found in areas that are damp and shady. Depending on how long the moss has been growing you might have to replace the whole thing. You can clean the moss with a 50-50 bleach to water solution according to The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association. DO NOT use a power washer on your roof. This will damage the shingles and possibly void any warranty you might have.

The dark streaks or black-ish stains on your roof is actually an algae technically known as Gloeocaspa Magma. This is an airborne algae and can travel from home to home. This can just be a sign of an older roof. You can clean this off your roof with a 50-50 Bleach to water solution. DO NOT use a power washer on your roof. This will damage the shingles and void any warranty that you might have.

Moss on roof
This moss can damage your roof.

Do you have water damage or leaky areas in your home?

If you have leaky areas in your home this is a good sign that you need a new roof. You could actually need more replaced than just your roof. Call your insurance company immediately because you do not want to cause more damage to the interior of your home. If your ceilings or walls stay wet, mold could start to grow and that would be a much bigger project than just replacing your roof.

Ceiling water damage
Even a small water leak can be more damaging than you think.

How to avoid these common damages to your roof.

Roofs do not last forever, they have upwards to 30 year warranties but if you live in an area with even mild weather, you might have to replace it before the 30 year deadline. The best thing you can do is visually inspect your roof a couple times a year. You can do this when you are cleaning your gutters, putting up holiday lights or whenever its a beautiful day.

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