DIY Roofing Fails:

There are so many ways that a DIY roof can fail. Roofing fails can range from choosing the wrong materials to actually getting hurt. Read more to learn.

roof tools
Tools on a Roof

Picking the wrong materials.

Homeowners might choose the look or cost over the actual best materials. Also, some townships have codes that might not include the materials that you have picked out. Hence, you would have to redo your roof. Replace and Redo equals more $$. There are also code upgrades that your roofer will know about.

step on nail
Ouch. Don’t step on a nail

Getting hurt.

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, The Economics Daily, Roofers and painters have highest rates of nonfatal falls to a lower level in 2016. Even professional roofers get hurt when they have the correct tools and materials. Imagine what could happen to someone that is not being on a ladder or a roof. Believe me you don’t want to try to save a couple of bucks just to fall off a roof.

mis matched shingles
Mis Matched Shingles

Replacing your own shingles has so many downsides.

Even with just the nails you could, pick the wrong size, nail in the wrong place, use too many nails or even not enough nails. All of this if not done correctly could void the warranty. Picking out shingles to replace some that are missing is a job all in its own. You would need to match the shingles that might be discontinued. Placing shingles over your existing ones could make your roof look like a collaged roof, which does not look nice from the street even though it might look good when you are on the roof. If you put shingles over existing ones you could add more weight than the supports could take or even and more holes into your roof which could cause more leaks. 

roof vents
Roof vents have a purpose

Covering roof vents.

Homeowners tend to think that roofing vents allow dust, drafts or pests in into your home. Your roof needs the right ventilation to prevent moist air or trapped hot air from causing condensation on your roof sheathing.  Condensation can then lead to mold and mildew on your roof decking causing it to be replaced. This can be a costly mess up.

STL City Hall
St. Louis City Hall

Ignoring Permits.

Depending on your city or local municipality you might need permits to replace even a few shingles on your roof. A professional roofer is aware of the different permits and codes that your municipality requires. If you ignore these your local government could ask that you replace the whole roof to follow these guidelines. You could even lose coverage from your insurance company which will cost you more in the long run. 

There are lots of things that homeowners can do on their own. Roofing might just not be one of them. Have a professional come out for a free inspection and estimate. Contact Spartan Roofing today for free inspection.