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Brief History of Kirkwood

Kirkwood, named after James Pugh Kirkwood a builder of the Pacific Railroad,  is located just 13 miles west of St. Louis city with a population of just under 28,000 people living in 9.20 square miles (2016 census). The median price for a home is $316,600 (Zillow 2018) and the median household income is $77,917 (2016 census).

Kirkwood was the first planned suburb west of the Mississippi River. This neighborhood has one of the oldest school districts west of the Mississippi river (Are you seeing a trend?) chartered in 1865. It is also the first community in St. Louis County to have a public four year high school, a tax supported library and a nursing home.

National Register of Historic Places

There are quite a few places on the National Register of Historic Places located in Kirkwood. Included on the Register is the Kirkwood Train Station, Mudd’s Grove and the Barrett’s Tunnel, to name a few.

Kirkwood Train Station at night
Kirkwood Train Station

Kirkwood Train Station:

The Kirkwood Train Station opened in 1893 and is located in downtown Kirkwood at 110 W Argonne Dr. Kirkwood, MO 63122. The stop on the Missouri River Runner is a midway stop between Kansas City and St. Louis. Not much has changed in the 129 years of operation, except for the removal of the platform shelter and a new roof. The Train Station was almost shut down in 2002 but, the City of Kirkwood bought the Train Station. To this day it operates as a Visitor’s Center and an Amtrak station. The train station is one of the most iconic buildings in Kirkwood.

302 W. Argonne Dr. Kirkwood, MO 63122
Mudd’s Grove

Mudd’s Grove

Mudd’s Grove is a home originally built for John Hoffman in 1860. John was a local real estate developer and builder. Henry T. and Sarah Elizabeth Mudd bought the home in 1865 and lived there with their 7 children until 1882. Another significant purchaser was the Dana family in 1902. They made some changes to the home that include a wrap-around porch, a three car garage and added the gatehouse. Mudd’s Grove was purchased by the Kirkwood Historical Society in 1992. It now functions as a resource center and museum.

Workers in the Barretts Tunnel
Barretts Tunnel

Barrett’s Tunnels

The Barrett’s Tunnels were railroad tunnels built by the Pacific Railroad company in 1853 and are the first of their kind west of the Mississippi River (see, I told you there was a trend). In 1944 the railroad line was relocated just south and left the tunnels abandoned. Nominated to be put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978, they have been on the Register ever since.

Here you can find an extensive list of all of the places on the National Register of Historic Places in St. Louis County.

Places and Events in Kirkwood

Also, check out the other places and events when you find yourself in Kirkwood, including the Kirkwood Farmer’s Market, The Magic House or even the National Museum of Transportation.

516 S. Kirkwood Rd.
The Magic House, Kirkwood MO

Magic House

Founded 1979 by Barbie Freund and Jody Newman the Magic House was the first Children’s Museum. It first started off in a 5,500 square foot Victorian mansion. In fact, over the next 30 years it has expanded to over 50,000 square feet. They have many different exhibits and educational programs. This is a must see no matter your age. Again, check out the website to see the current events and programs.

Fresh produce at Kirkwood farmers market
Kirkwood Farmers Market

Farmer’s Market

In 1976 the City of Kirkwood founded The Kirkwood Farmer’s Market. It is located between Highway 40 and I-44 in St. Louis County. Therefore this bustling business district is home to over 300 local businesses. The farmers market is open from April 2 – October 1. The Pumpkin Patch at the farmers market is open from 9am – 8pm daily in October. One of the most beloved times at the farmers market is the Christmas Market which is open from November 24 – December 24. As a result, you can visit the Gingerbread Shoppe and find the perfect Christmas tree.

Mule drawn car on display at The National Museum of Transportation in Kirkwood Mo.
Bellefontaine Mule Car at TNMOT in Kirkwood

National Museum of Transportation

A group of like-minded people founded The National Museum of Transportation in 1944. In fact this group of people had acquired the mule-drawn streetcar named “Bellefontaine”. The land acquired along the Missouri Pacific Railroad in St. Louis County was used for the museum. The Museum has been recognized as having the largest collection of vehicles in the world. Take a look at some of the collection here.

Additionally, a few events that take place yearly include the Greentree Festival and the Turkey Day Game.

Kirkwood Greentree Festival
Greentree Festival

The Greentree Festival was originally created in 1961. It was a festival to replace trees killed by the drought. The festival is held every September. There are over 40 artisans and vendors expected every year. You can see Blacksmith’s, Rugmakers, Ropemakers and more. Check out more information here.

Turkey Day Football Game

The Turkey Day game is the longest-running high school football rivalry, yep you guessed it, west of the Mississippi River. The 100th anniversary was held in 2007? The football game is played between the Kirkwood High School Pioneers and the Webster Groves Statesmen every year. The winner of the football game gets the Frisco Bell. The loser gets the Little Brown Jug. Although this is a long time rivarly it is a very friendly game. The schools have events the week before. Including a Friendship Dance, which is hosted by the school that is not hosting the game.

Turkey Day Game Winning Frisco Bell.
Winners Frisco Bell

Lastly, stop by and check out the many museums or events in the Kirkwood MO area.

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