Hail Damage

Hail Damage is a very serious thing when it comes to your roof, gutters or siding. Over the course of 1 year there is over $1 billion in damage to residential roofs in the United States alone. Here in the Midwest we know all to well about damaging storms that appear out of nowhere. Hail can range anywhere from pea sized to golf ball size. There were even reports of grapefruit sized in May 2016 out in St. Peters.

pea sized hail, st louis hail, stl hail damage,
Even small hail can damage your roof.

Now you might not think that pea size hail can do much damage to your roof, but it can. One of the first signs of hail damage is that it will cause granule loss. You can even see granules in your gutter. Now once the shingles lose granules, the underlying mat is now exposed to the elements. Even just the loss of granules will diminish how long the roof will last. 

Once the shingles don’t protect against water, it now will start to deteriorate your roof. That can cost quite a pretty penny to replace plywood. Once the wood is damaged it can start to leak into your home and ruin your personal belongings, some that can never be replaced. Always make sure that you have your roof inspected by a professional after big storms. Spartan Roofing in St. Louis will always come out free of charge to inspect your roof.

ridge cap hail damage, stl hail damage, what does hail damage look like
Hail damage on a ridge cap.

Steps to look for hail on your roof. Hail can damage the metal on your roof vents, flashing or the metal in the valleys of your roof. Also, if you are comfortable getting on your roof, you can check the ridge cap of your roof, it will have the most hail damage. If you are uncomfortable getting on your roof look for damage to your gutters, windows or you AC units as well.  

siding hail damage, stl siding damage, siding damage, hail damage, st louis hail,
Hail damage on siding.

Your best bet is to have a professional roofer come and take a look at your roof. Most people are not comfortable getting on a roof and who knows if your insurance covers you falling off a roof!! (Ours does!!) A professional roofer can come out a take a look and also take pictures for you to see from the ground level. Once the roofer assess your roof they will be able to let you know if there is enough damage for an insurance claim. 

Once you contact your Insurance company they will send out an Insurance Adjuster, please let us know when they will be out to inspect the roof and we will be your advocates for the damage done to your roof. It is ultimately up to your insurance company if they will cover the roof replacement. We will be there to help get your roof approved.