Common problems with gutters

Your gutter is an important aspect of your home. It protects the structural integrity and helps stop damage to the foundation and landscaping. You need to maintain your gutters so that simple problems don’t arise. 

Clogged Gutters:

This is the most common problem with gutters. You can find leaves, pine needles, golf balls, Frisbees, bugs or twigs in them. If they are clogged they can’t drain properly and water can overflow onto the roof and weigh it down. The extra weight from the water can put a lot of pressure on the attachments to the fascia and cause them to pull away from the fascia and fall to the ground. Make sure that you clean your gutters twice a year so that they can work properly. If you install a gutter guard system you can prevent debris from getting into your gutters. 

Damaged Gutters:

The most common way that gutters get damage is mostly from the weather. They can be damaged by clogging and getting pushed around in any type of weather. This could cause damage at the joint which could breakaway and let rainwater pour against the mortar of the bricks. There really isn’t much you can do to prevent this sense it is mostly caused by weather. 

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